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vilardom at ollchs dot org

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Mrs. Meghan Vilardo

Department: Social Studies

Mrs. Vilardo
Faculty Coordinator/Administrator
Social Studies Department Coordinator
BA History Western Connecticut State University
MS Adolescent.Secondary Education Mercy College

Global 2R- Mrs. Vilardo

Week of 9/15/14

Monday 9/15 Quiz on Scientific Revolution
Wed.9/16 Quiz on Enlightenment
Thurs. 9/17 DBQ due

Coming up: Test Chapter 17, Monday, 9/22

Week of September 8, 2014

Read through the course syllabus (parent/student letter signed by the 15th)
Global II Parent/Student Letter
Attempt to access the online textbook from home
Online Textbook Instructions

Coll Soc-Mrs. Vilardo