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Mrs. Meghan Vilardo

Department: Social Studies

Mrs. Vilardo
Faculty Coordinator/Administrator
Social Studies Department Coordinator
BA History Western Connecticut State University
MS Adolescent.Secondary Education Mercy College

Global 2R- Mrs. Vilardo

Week of 6/8/15

Review Sheet Chapter 9 due 6/10/15

Ch. 9 Review Sheet

Review Sheet Chapter 10 due 6/11/15

Ch. 10 Review Sheet

Week of 5/25/15

Thematic Essay Chart (Political Systems) due Tues 5/26/15
Thematic Essay Chart Political Systems

Chapter 7 Review Sheet due 5/27/15
Chapter 7 Review Book Worksheet

Chapter 8 Review Sheet due 5/28/15
Chapter 8 Review Book Worksheet


Week of 5/18/15

Review Sheet for Chapter 4 of Review Book due 5/19
Chapter 4 Review Sheet

Review Sheet for Chapter 5 of Review Book due 5/20
Chapter 5 Review Sheet

Review Sheet for Chapter 6 of Review Book due 5/21
Chapter 6 Review Sheet

Week of 5/11/15

You must be studying your Review book every night and bring it to class everyday
Reminder: There will be a 30 question practice multiple choice on Tuesday, 5/12/15 (Please bring pencil)
Quiz on Chapter 30: Part 2 (Middle East) Thursday 5/14/15
Expected date for test on Chapter 30 in Monday, 5/18/15

week of 4/27/15

The extended deadline for Research Papers is May 15, 2015
“Turn it in” codes are on website (to the right)
Test on Chapter 29 and other review material on Thursday, 4/30/15
Please remember to bring your review books to class EVERYDAY

Week of 4/20/15

Test on Chapter 28 on Wed. (4/22)
Notes are posted
Please remember to be reading in your review books at home!

Week of 4/13/15

We will need review books everyday in class from now until the end of the year
Quiz on Thursday 4/16/15 on Chapter 28 and review material we have done in class

Week of 3/23/15

Berlin Wall Activity due Tues 3/24
Quiz Chapter 27 Tues 3/24
Test Chapter 27 Thurs 3/24
REMINDER: Review Books need to be in class, ready for use on April 9, 2015
They can be purchased in the bookstore for $10:00

Week of 3/9/15

“Night"Part 6 and 7 due 3/11/15
“Night” Part 8 and 9 due 3/12/15
“Night” full packet including character development chart due 3/13/15 for test grade
Quiz Chapter 27 3/13/15

Week of 3/2/15

“Night” Parts II and III due Tuesday 3/3/15 (due to snow)
Quiz on Chapter 26 3/3/15
Chapter 26 test on 3/9/15
Compare/Contrast Essay due on Monday 3/9/15 (Outline at the end of chapter 26 Power Point, Chart Attached)

Week of 2/23/15

Test on Chapter 25 on Monday 2/23/15
“Night” book and Diego River Assignment due Tues 2/24/15
“Preface” section of “Night” due Wed. 2/25/15
Section 1 Study Questions for “Night” due Friday, 2/27/15
Quiz chapter 26, Monday, 3/2/15

Week of 2/16/15

Quiz on Chapter 25, Wed. Feb. 18th (rescheduled from Friday)
Test Chapter 25 on Monday, Feb. 23rd

Week of 2/9/15

Mussolini Worksheet due 2/11/15
Quiz on chapter 25 Friday, 2/13/15

Week of 2/2/15

Chapter 24: The European Depression and the rise of Nazi Germany
Quiz Chapter 24, Monday Feb. 9, 2015

Week of 1/19/15

Quiz on the Russian Revolution is moved until Wed. Jan. 21st
Please continue to study for the Mid-Term
The Mid-Term exam is schedule for January 26th at 10:30 AM

Week of 1/12/15

Please remember to continue to work on the review sheet for the Mid-Term that was given out before Christmas break.
The Global Mid-Term is schedule for JANUARY 26, 2015 at 10:30 AM
I am available ANY DAY AFTER SCHOOL upon request.
We will begin our study of the Russian Revolution on Thursday Jan. 15th
We will have a long quiz on the Russian Revolution on Tuesday, Jan. 20th

Week of 1/5/15

Quiz on World War I Tuesday, Jan 6th, 2015
Test on WWI only, Friday, Jan 9th, 2015
Please continue to work on the Mid-Term Review sheets.
The Global 10 Mid-Term is scheduled for January 26, 2015 at 10:30 AM

Week of 12/22/14 and 12/29/14 CHRISTMAS BREAK

Over the Christmas break, you are to design yourself a packet to be used for mid-term review.Please go through your notes and on a separate piece of paper, write explanations for the identifying features included on the review sheet from Chapters 17, 18, and 19. You will be quizzed on these chapters when you return from break .The packet that you design may NOT be typed, and should be brought with you without exception the day you return to class. (January 5, 2015) Mid-terms are quickly approaching, and this activity is essential to your studies. Have a Wonderful and Blessed Holiday. (worksheet attached)

Mid-Term Review Sheet

The Extra Credit Assignment for Christmas Break is posted Below
The book “Night” by Eli Weisel is due in class on January 19, 2015

Extra Credit Option for Christmas Break


Week of 12/15/14

Test on Chapter 22 moved to Monday December 15, 2014 due to shortened periods during the week of 12/8/14
notes attached.

Trench Warfare Assignment due Friday, December 19, 2014

Week of 12/1/14

DBQ essay due 12/4/14 (Assignment Attached)

Belief Systems DBQ Assignment

Week of 11/24/14

Thanksgiving Break Assignment (attached below)
This assignment is due on December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Break Assignment

Week of 11/24/14

Thanksgiving Break Assignment (attached below)
This assignment is due on December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Break Assignment

Week of 11/24/14

Thanksgiving Break Assignment (attached below)
This assignment is due on December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Break Assignment

Week of 11/17/14

Quiz Chapter 21 Wed. 11/19/14
Packet of classwork from Thurs. 11/20/14, due on 11/21/14
Test Ch. 21 (only Africa and India) Mon. 11/24/14

week of 11/10/14

Industrial Revolution Essay due on Wed. 11/12/14 (causes/social effects/Indus. rev. #1)
Test on Industrial Revolution Thurs. 11/13/14

Week of 10/27/14

HW Packet and Chapter 19:1 and 20 due on Friday, 10/31/14
Quiz on “Industrial Revolution”, Friday, 10/31/14

Week of 10/20/14

Quiz on Chapter 19 Wed. 10/22/14
Armenian Massacre worksheet due Friday, 10/24/14
Test on Chapter 19 Mon. 10/27/14

Week of 10/13/14

Finish Reading “Unification of Germany”, and answer questions. Due Thursday 10/16/14

Week of 10/6/14

Test on Chapter 18 on Thursday 10/9/14
Your homework this week is to review your notes every night, and to look through the posted “Chapter 18” PowerPoint to fill in anything you have missed

Week of 9/29/14

Map Quiz Thursday 10/2/14
French Revolution Quiz Friday 10/3

Week of 9/22/14

Test Chapter 17 Tuesday, 9/23/14

Week of 9/15/14

Monday 9/15 Quiz on Scientific Revolution
Wed.9/16 Quiz on Enlightenment
Thurs. 9/17 DBQ due

Coming up: Test Chapter 17, Monday, 9/22

Week of September 8, 2014

Read through the course syllabus (parent/student letter signed by the 15th)
Global II Parent/Student Letter
Attempt to access the online textbook from home
Online Textbook Instructions

Coll Soc-Mrs. Vilardo

Week of 6/1/15

“Global Issues” and “Child Soldiers” worksheet due on Wed.  6/3/15

Week of 3/23/15

Due to the Early Dismissal, The test and/or alternate assessment option will be scheduled for Monday, 3/23/15
Topics for Research Paper due before East Break