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Mrs. Meghan Vilardo

Department: Social Studies

Mrs. Vilardo is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelors degree in History. She recieved her Masters of Science degree from Mercy College in Secondary Adolescent Education where she graduated with disctinction. She is currently the Department Chair for the Social Studies Department and teaches a variety or Regents, Honors and College level classes within the department.

Coll Psych-Mrs. Vilardo

Easter Break 4/11-4/27

Work on research paper
“Psychological Effects of…”Psychology Research Paper<

Psych-Mrs. Vilardo

Easter Break 4/11-4/27

Please work on final portfolio assessment

Int Ch Dev- Mrs. Vilardo

Global 2R- Mrs. Vilardo

Integrated Algebra 1

Study all the formulas on the hand-out.  Be able to name and solve all geometric figures using the formulas EXACTLY as shown. There will be a test on this worksheet on Monday, when you return.  Happy Easter!

Easter Break 4/11-4/27

Chapter 31 Easter break Assignment due April 28, 2014
If there are any questions, please email Mrs. Vilardo ASAP

Coll Soc-Mrs. Vilardo

Easter Break 4/11-4/27

Please continue to work on final research paper
Final Research Paper Guidelines
Final Paper Grading Rubric

When we Return: Education

Article Analysis Worksheet

Critical Reviews of Journal Article Worksheet