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Mrs. Rita Ross

Department: Fine Arts

Mrs. Rita Ross is the coordinator of the Fine Arts Department at OLL. She teaches Advanced Placement Art, Art I, Art II, and Screen Printing.  Mrs. Ross studied at the New York Studio School and received her MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Yale University where she studied with Andrew Forge, William Bailey and James DeMartino.  Mrs. Ross began teaching at New Haven University and earned her teaching certification K-12 for art education at SUNY New Paltz.  Mrs. Ross is a teacher as well as a practicing artist and brings a thorough foundation in representational drawing and painting technique to her teaching.  She lives with her family in Clintondale and shows her work regionally.

AP Art-Ross

October, AP Art

Students will continue practicing basic drawing exercizes:
1. Draw from plaster portrait bust.
2. Show the structure of light and shadow on the drawing of the portrait bust.
3. Create an identity and a background world for the portrait drawing.

Students begin to define concentration topics for the final portfolio.
Field trip to The Whitney Museum of Americn and Central Park. 

In addition to regular classroom assignments, students will also meet after school on Mondays and/or Wednesday till 4:00 to draw from the clothed figure. The drawings they produce after school will help fullfill the breadth section of the portfolio.

Art II- Mrs. Ross

October 2014 - Art II

Reading: Themes and Foundations of Art (textbook)
1. Pictorial Space in the Renaissance
2. Elements and Principles of Art

Studio Project: The Human Body and the influence of ancient Greece on Renaissance artists.
1. Choose a photograph of a dynamic athlete.
2. Fold the photogragh into six or eight even rectangles.
3. Draw the information of each rectangle of the photo onto much larger paper.
4. Assemble all rectangles for final enlarged drawing.

Essential Questions and Issues:
1. What is gesture in art?
2. Who are the heroes of contemporary culture?

Art I- Mrs. Ross

October 2014, Art I

Reading: Themes and Foundations (textbook) :
1. pg. 236-238 Art and the American Landscape / The Principles of Atmospheric Perspective
2. pg. 241 : In six sentences describe John Sreuart Curry’s painting, Tornado Over Kansas

DVD - The Illusion of Depth

Studio Project: Holloween Landscape
1.  Prepare background paper with watercolor layers.
2.  Draw Holloween motifs on black paper.
3.  Cut silhouettes, overlapping and combining shapes.
4.  Glue shapes onto background paper demonstrating the principles of
    atmospheric perspective.   

Essencial Questions:
    1.  What was the purpose perspective in Western Art?
    2.  What Western values do the laws of perspective reflect?

Scrn Print-Mrs. Ross

October 2014, Screen Printing

1. Book Project:  Continue developing the “My Life So Far” book project.  It should demonstrate various dying and screen printing processes. This is a semester long project and will count as a major portion of the midterm grade.
2. My Hero T- Shirt Project.  Students create screen images from favorite photographs of themselves, friends or celebrities.